Projecting cohesive physical experiences through content @ The World Trade Center Complex in downtown New York

Timeline: May 2019 – September 2019

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Skills: Visual design, experiential design, brand identity design, photography, marketing

Wayfinding and accessibility

I aided in expanding accessibility efforts and improving wayfinding across the World Trade Center. After going on ADA walkthroughs, I worked with my manager to redesign an Oculus floor plan, signage, and map that includes specific placement of elevators and construction sites throughout and surrounding the transportation hub.

I took charge in creating large scale site maps that would be posted across campus construction sites, helping tourists and locals navigate around the complex. Additionally, I helped place call stickers on all elevators within the Oculus to match ADA requirements.

Public installations

I was able to lead the design campaign for the LuckyRice Rice Paddy public seating installation at the World Trade Center’s Oculus Plaza. I created life-sized graphics, displayed within the Oculus and World Trade Center Campus, that celebrate and promote Asian culture through a culinary lens.

I designed a logo for Brandy Bajalia’s Canopy, an art installation of draping rosemary situated within Liberty Park. Incorporated visual motifs that alluse to rosemary’s healing properties as well as NYC’s resilience and strength.

Historical projects

I developed life-sized mock-up vinyls for the WTC Speaks Points of Interest Pilot Project’s historic E train corridor, a corridor that was part of the original World Trade Center concourse and had survived the 9/11 attacks. 

Additionally, I conducted historical research and studied the New York City Transit Authority’s Graphic Standards Manual to create educational content and merchandise in line with the World Trade Center’s graphic identity.


I collaborated with Marketing team and used Social Studio to strategically schedule paid content for all social media handles. I created and curated Summer Events content for @WTC_Official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles.

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